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Sandwiches - What’s Up With ’em?!

I ask thee, what does one imagine when envisioning something referred to as a “sandwich”? Does it depend on the ingredients? Is it about the measurements? Must the grain be harvested in a certain way? Just what is a sandwich?

Most commonly, the sandwich requires no more than two pieces of bread, but from there it appears to be off to the races with the in-betweens. There is a variety of fruits, veggies, meats, fish, condiments, and other products that can be slathered or compacted into the fixture. It appears just about anything potentially edible can be put into a sandwich, possibly including idiots as well.

But what about ingredients that one may shy away from? What if one was served bread with clamshells, for instance? How about shards of a crustacean’s shell? Perhaps you fancy a chicken private or a half-dozen? The spines of a sea cucumber seem munchable enough! Shall we grease it with the expelled fluids of a beached whale, or dab the bread in some shark lips?! But what if, and I mean What If you ate…

Insect spawn! Yes, it is true. There are those who eat the larvae of various insects, or even put them upon their food.

And what about the bread? Bread itself is made from flour and water, but it can take many forms. From slices to baguettes, buns, and even rolls. Most would be edible in pairs, but what about those on their own? Hot dog rolls have two sides yet are only one piece. What about foldables, like pizza? Sometimes you can fold a slice of pizza and eat it as if it is a sandwich. But is it?

What exactly can be called a sandwich? Are we even sure? These are the questions we must answer, people!

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