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ABOUT/FAQ Expressions

What is Expressions?

Expressions is the SUNY Adirondack literary and arts journal which has had an annual issue every year since 1974. It is student-curated from submissions solicited from the SUNY Adirondack community. Expressions is proud to have provided a platform for the voices of our community for almost 50 years.

Who can submit to Expressions?

Students, alumni, staff, and faculty can all contribute. We encourage submissions from all members of the community--current students, staff, faculty, and alumni of SUNY Adirondack.

What is the submission deadline?

We will consider all correctly submitted submissions received by the end of March 25, 2024.

What types of work are eligible for submission?

The SUNY Adirondack Community is vibrant and diverse, and because of that we welcome all types of creative work for consideration, including (but by no means limited to):

  • Written work: poetry, short fiction, creative-nonfiction, journalistic prose, food writing, social commentary, creative academic analysis, etc.

  • Visual arts: photography, painting, digital art, sculpture, video, etc. 

  • Performing arts: song, dance, short film, etc.

  • Culinary arts: in written, photographic, or recipe form, we welcome submissions relating to the art of food.

How do I submit work to Expressions for consideration?

Written submissions:

  1. We accept up to a total of 20 typed pages of written content per person. Creators may submit in more than one artistic genre.

  2. Please Note: We can't accept .pdf files for submissions of written work. Your work should be in .doc or .docs or .rtf form so that we can easily move it to our website.

  3. Please title each piece individually.

  4. Submissions should be sent as an attachment in a .doc/x or .rtf format to by the end of March 17, 2024.

If you are sending both written and visual work, make sure there is a total of 20 pages (10 art files and up to 10 pages of typed writing).


Visual & performing arts submissions:

  1. Send up to 10 photos or works of art for consideration.

  2. Please Note: We DO NOT accept pdf file submissions. 

  3. Please title each piece individually. If you need to, include that information in your email. 

  4. Submissions should be sent as separate attachments in either JPEG,  PNG, or MP4 format to by the end of March 25, 2024.


When will I hear back about my submission?

We will let you know via email as soon as a verdict has been reached about your submissions. 

Also keep an eye on your email for any follow-up questions about your submission regarding the content, file compatibility, title, etc. that, if unanswered, may prevent us from being able to include your work in Expressions

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