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Contens 2021



Michael Dinga: Venison Chili


Zoey Beaver: Abandoned, Field Of Life

Joshua Mayer: Gas, Violinist

Kayla Mattison: Pig Potatoes

Laci Howe: Succumbing To Stress,

Living Masterpiece

Nicole Hamlin: Bug Off

Eric Delvaux: Speaking In Flags

Micha Carlton: My Self Discovery


Travis Viault: Its Never Too Late

Emmalee Clements: Wait

Abigail Reeves: A Quite House

Elizabeth Mahoney: What Doesn't Sit Right


Michael Dinga: Einsargen, Ennio

Emily Shufelt: Insomnia, The Composer

Melissa Eggleston: Aimer, Solitude, Hideaway

Zoey Beaver: Paper Flowers

Joshua Mayer: Describe Me

Kayla Mattison: Eternity, Conundumb,

I Pray For Cosmos, Planet Politics


Alisia Renteria: Where Do I Fit In?

Avonlea Stiles: Little Bookworm

Tiarah Swann: Look Up

Elizabeth Mahoney: Dear Supreme Court Members

Madeline Baker: The Death Of A Baby Bird,

A Child's Hiding Place, Bleach Beach

Emma McGraw: Thor

Kayla Mattison: Eternity,

You When Where? With Who?

Witt Balasai: A Birst Of Light, On The Edge Of Death

Noberto Cuevasn: Off To The Races, Overseer, Sunday Thoughts

Sara Zakaria: A Fiery Evening, Eye Of Sauron,

Shooting Into Space

Noelle Olszewski: Place Du Marche, Ruiller,

Infirmerie, Solitary

Nasim Al Abbi: Silhouette Of Arabic Horse In The North, Swedish Pony In Lund, Sweden, Pigeon Towers, SERA Lake View In Trabzon Turkey

Sara Jemel: Not A Normal Taste, Worship Images

Audreanna Ortega: Long Road To Nowhere

Avonlea Stiles: Foggy Ride To Fort Edward

Al Dana Alsulaiti: Gull, Far From Home, Travel Buddy, Duck

Lisa Grant: Finding Love In Puerto Viejo, Living Vicariously Through the Two-Toed Sloth

Jana Alajmi: A Statue In FrankFurt Germany, Lusail Boulevard streets During The World Cup In Qatar, Italian Cuisine

Allie Douville: A Tiny Hello, Random Beauties Found In Life, Cute Lil Swirl

Morgan Jenkins: Winthrop

Abigail Reeves: Expressions_2



Francesca Porcaro: Artwork, Artwork2, Artwork4, Artwork5, Artwork6

Noberto Cuevasn: Untitled 1, Untitled 2, Untitled 3

Madeline Baker: Avalanche, Frozen Waterfall

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