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The Editors.

Our team this fall was small but mighty! Three student editors managed all the submissions and the website updates, wrote blog posts, and did outreach to solicit submissions and interview community members. More to come this spring!


Evan Discenza

I’m going for an Associate of Arts in Creative Writing, as I’ve always had a passion for the literary arts.


My other passions have always been video games and internet memes.


As a man able to be both humorous and serious, I have dedicated both my opinions and efficiency to this passion project, and hope to do so in my future.


Lily Provost

I am a freshman majoring in liberal arts, and after getting my degree I plan to move to early childhood education because I would like to get into teaching. I am an athlete on Suny Adirondack’s Volleyball team, and hope to continue playing after I move on from this school. I have always loved athletics and can't imagine myself not competing in sports. I'm very excited for my future after school and being able to make my mark.

Lauren Querard

I’m currently a sophomore at SUNY Adirondack. My major is early childhood education / childhood education. I always loved education and I knew I wanted to be a teacher ever since I was little. I really enjoy the classroom environment and that
environment is important, since we grow there. I’m excited to see what the future holds for me for my next semester as well as for life.


Nancy White

Faculty Advisor

Because of my editorial work outside of academia, I have the luck to teach this class. The work of the editors takes an extra focus and energy, and in spite of the huge challenges, they always succeed, even when the group is small, as it was this fall. Congratulations to all who honored us with their submissions and to our stalwart student editors!

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