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Image by Emily Bernal
Image by Emily Bernal

Spring 2024 Editors

This year's edition of the Expressions Literary Magazine brought quite the collective group of editors in to work on it! Together they have put their all into bringing you this year's edition and below you can find more information about each individual editor and what their role in bringing this edition to life was!

Image by Emily Bernal

Onyx   Bussing

Social Media Manager/Design

Onyx graduated from Glens Falls High School in 2022 and is currently pursuing a creative writing degree at SUNY Adirondack! They have written one novel and are currently working on the sequel! Onyx is a Peer Coach on campus as a specialized tutor in writing! In their free time, Onyx is either gaming, working as the President of the Active Minds Club on campus, or just hanging out with friends! Onyx is glad to be working with talented people on this year's edition of Expressions!

Image by Emily Bernal

Jordan   Conine

Editor/Proofreader/Minutes Taker

Jordan Conine is currently a creative writing major and an English tutor at SUNY Adirondack. She is a jazz vocalist, skiier, sweetie pie, and a cat mom of two. She plans on finishing her first novel soon.

Image by Emily Bernal

Brandon  Lemery

Meeting Manager/File Management

Brandon Lemery is a creative writing major here at SUNY Adirondack who is currently in his last semester before transferring out to SUNY Oneonta as an Adolescence Education major. He is very enthusiastic about most things and is a pretty awesome guy. Brandon would like nothing more than to be able to make a positive impact on the world.

Image by Emily Bernal



Fox Micah is a creative writing major who graduated from Fort Edward high school and currently has five cats. He hopes to be able to write and publish a novel somewhere in the next decade.

Image by Emily Bernal

Peter Shapiro

Meeting Manager/Agenda Developer/Proofreading

Peter Shapiro took a little while to find where he was supposed to be, but he’s found a home at SUNY Adirondack. An aspiring author of science fiction and horror fantasy, he is currently studying English literature and creative writing, and you can find him at the CRW or bothering fellow students around campus about fiction assignments. You will be hard-pressed to find someone more endearingly (annoyingly) passionate about literature, writing, and education and he is known to drop everything at a moment’s notice to discuss your poetry.

Image by Emily Bernal

Tiarah  Swann

Meeting Manager/Designer/Editor

Tiarah Swann is a creative writing major here at SUNY Adirondack, she is a sophomore who has taken passion in writing since a young age. She finds most of her joy in helping others and writing. When asked what sentence she would use to best describe writing she said, “through the art of writing we confess, and through those confessions we find peace.” Tiarah prides herself in her writing and tries to reach various audiences with it with meaningful impact.

Image by Emily Bernal

Noah Walters

Editor/File Manager

Noah Walters is a creative writing major currently fininishing his last semester at SUNY Adirondack, before he transfers to Oswego to pursue linguistics. A lover of worldbuilding, Noah spends his time creating languages and writing of the history of his world. He is a lover of all things fantastical, often found about the campus scrawling in one of his many notebooks. A lover of worldbuilding, Noah spends his time creating languages and writing of the history of his world.

Image by Emily Bernal

Jay Williams

Meeting Manager, Agendas, Social Media, Website Editor

Jane Williams grew up and lives in the Southern Adirondacks. She is a creative Writing major here at SUNY Adirondack and hopes to be self published by the time she graduates. She can often be found visiting cemeteries, reading in libraries, listening to music with her friends, and skiing at Oak Mountain

Image by Emily Bernal

Isabel Willis

Editor/Designer/Meeting Manager

Isabel Willis has finished a New Media degree and is currently taking creative writing classes to help her with her art in the future. After SUNY Adirondack, she will be starting a photography business and trying to start writing a comic or short story, which she is very excited for. She’s glad to be a part of this wonderful group of talented people, writers, and editors!! ♡

Image by Emily Bernal

Dylan Winchell

Editor/Finance Manager

Dylan Winchell is a current transfer from Suny Maritime. Completing his general arts here at SUNY Adirondack. He is an avid, hiker lifter, and football enthusiast. With plans to return to Maritime in the fall, and receive a degree in Marine transportation and trade, an a unlimited deck license to pilot ships and sail around the world.

Image by Emily Bernal

Nancy White 

Cheerer-On & Editor-in-Chief

Nancy White has been Editor-In-Chief of Expressions for nearly as long as she has been a professor at SUNY Adirondack. Nancy is a beloved member of the staff, and everyone feels honored to have worked with her in this semester. This 2024 publication is just as much hers as it is ours. She is the author of Washington Prize Award winning Sun, Moon, Salt as well as other works Detour and Ask Again Later. She also serves as president of Word Works Books


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