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Contents 2021

Contens 2021


Caitlyn Amelio: the greatest love i'd never had


Mark Bauer: The Landing, The Magical Typewriter

Spencer Constant: Orange Soil

George Cornelius: The Hard Lesson Learned

Hannah Czeladyn: The Library

Lisa Grant: Here's the Thing About Spigots and Springs

Caterina Hansen: 270 Degrees

Elizabeth Larli: Maya Rises and So Do I


Zoe Malone: A Cat's Duty

Josh Mayer: Midnight Movies, Diver, In a Diner, Always Vacant, Waiting for the Last Train

Katelyn McKeone: Laughing

Austyn MorehouseThe Lion's Mane, A Series of Short Voicemails

Brett Mulcahy: The Drowned City

Kelsey Myler: The One Next Door, Paradise Blossoms

Andrew Edward Lyons Nolan: Limits, One Hundred Words on Solitude

Alexis Sesselman: A Letter to My Past Self

Luke Thompkins: Finding Odilon, Inebriated Conception

Anne Wojtowecz: Growth Mindset Through Life Lessons

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