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Meet the Editors


Editor pic Lit Mag.jpg

Alexis Moseman

       File Manager, Communications,

Social Media Manager,

& Top Secret File Keeper

Hi, My name is Alexis Moseman!  I am 19 years old with an Early Childhood Education major at SUNY Adirondack. This is my final semester before I graduate with my Associates with a concentration in English. My dream job is to teach English to children in Aruba. I love working with children, hanging with friends, and listening to music!

Alicen Barker

Time Manager, Secretary,

& Proofreader

Hello! My name is Alicen Barker and I am a liberal arts major graduating in 2021! I’m sort of a giant nerd, so I hope that you all appreciate the certain flair that brings to the magazine this year! I’m an artist at heart and a big reader, so you can see why the Expressions magazine is the place for me! I sincerely hope this year’s magazine hits all the spots!

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Andrew Nolan

Time Manager, Design,

Communication, & Social Media

Hello, my name is Andrew Nolan, I’m a Creative Writing major and adult returning student here at SUNY Adirondack, a full-time hospitality marketer for an independent resort in Lake George, an Albany native currently living in Wilton, and devoted uncle who hopes to eventually pursue an MFA in creative writing.

Caileigh O'Sullivan

Design, Social Media, & Proofreader

Hi, my name is Caileigh O’Sullivan, and I am a sophomore at SUNY Adirondack studying social work. I am passionate about social issues, especially women’s issues, and have goals of working in victim advocacy after graduation. As it is my last semester here, I am glad to have been able to connect with this community and work on this magazine to showcase the talent on this campus. 


Cassidy Blomberg

Time Manager, Design, File Management, & Proofreader

Hello! My name is Cassidy Blomberg and I'm an English student here at SUNY Adirondack. In my free time, you'll either find me writing feminist prose or taking care of my baby daughter, Lennon, who is the absolute light of my life. I hope you enjoy our magazine!

2018-08-30 01.02.00 2.jpg

Cory Davis


Hello! My name is Cory Davis, and I am a Creative Writing major at SUNY Adirondack. Being a part of Expressions has given me the opportunity to experience other’s creativity and hands-on knowledge in an area I’m excited to continue pursuing. Most of my free time is spent either in a book or in the kitchen trying to whip up a crazy new dessert or dish. I’m grateful Expressions has given me the opportunity to combine two of my interests, and I hope the readers enjoy the work our amazing and talented editors have done.




Time Manager & Design


Hello, My name is Hannah! I am 19 years old with an Early Childhood Education major at SUNY Adirondack. My favorite colors are light pink and baby blue. I love spending my free time with family, friends, and my pets. A quote I live by is  “Bad things happen to us to teach us how to look at things in a whole new light.”




Joshua Mayer-Editor Photo.jpg

Amid the dusky swamps and fog of Florida emerged me… I am an oddity on an odyssey. I’ve been writing since my memory was a ground floor blueprint, not only as a passion but a calling. I’m an avid reader of all walks of stories where I’ve delved into epic poems, southern gothic, philosophy, roman a clef, and especially surrealism. I love to travel to the determinant and articulate pages of James Joyce or even absurd Paris caught in the heartstrings of Ernest Hemingway. I am a first-year student and creative writing major intending to relate the fantastical around the urban campfires, the rhetoric bliss of speculation, and the evening thoughts that bring me to my ivory tower. I’m at the fullest honor to be working in this communal family where personality flourishes and where all talents can be displayed.

Kelsey Myler

Communication & Secretary 

Hi! My name is Kelsey Myler and I am a passionate creative writing major here at Adirondack. I’m an aspiring novelist who always has her nose in a book or her pen on the page. I dream of someday owning my own bookstore where every book genre has a spotlight, from the romances of Jenny Han to the classics of Dickens and Louisa May Alcott. If I’m not watching a classic sitcom with my younger brother or shooting baskets with my dad, I am probably editing magazine submissions! It has been such an honor to be part of the Expressions magazine staff. I have been introduced to unforgettable characters and walked into magical lands. I have pondered poems and thought deeply about art. I feel a kinship with each creator and hope that you enjoy this year’s magazine. 


Matthew Cusson


Greetings! I am a Creative Writing major. My favorite authors are Roald Dahl, Jules Verne, C.S. Lewis, Bill Watterson, Harper Lee, Charles Schutz, and John Steinback. I have two wonderful cats named Thomas and Tiberius. I hope you enjoy Expressions!

Matthew Cusson Editor Photo.jpg

Zoe Malone

File Management, Treasurer, Secretary, & Proofreader


Hi! My name is Zoe Malone. This is my final semester before I graduate with my Associates in LIberal Arts Humanities and Social Sciences. I am planning to become a high school English teacher. I love listening to music, drawing with charcoal, reading fiction and fantasy, and writing poetry in particular. I’m a mom to three wild furballs of cats, and perhaps you will see a few pictures of them if you follow the Expressions Snapchat account!!

Nancy White

Our Wonderful Teacher & Top Secret File Keeper


I've been teaching creative writing now for 40 years, and it never gets old. After working as poetry editor for a literary magazine and then an editor for a poetry press, it's a privilege to watch students crank up their courage and submit their work, then to assist the editorial staff (also, obviously, students!) discuss and share the work of their peers. This magazine (online or in print) is an amazing creation: our community  brought to life by students who, like me, are as excited to see someone else's work in print as they are to see their own.

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