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Welcome to 2021!

Ah, “Expressions”… What a word, right?

Sounds like you can stop hitchhiking with formal business and be you. Be a vagabond with your mind! Lay down an idea from these uncertain times and let the world hear your voice like a late night poetry slam.

Since 1964, that’s what we've been here for. Be you and nothing else. We’re looking for those who express for themselves.

Artist, paint your way with the furls of your brush and give us odes to a fantastic vision planted in your head.

Poet, we want you to wail out loud with your maddening or beautiful voice.

Writer, share your stories of worlds, characters and imaginative elements.

Photographer, snap a shot that shoots a shock through your vein.

We could call all of you in, yet there’s much more to throw open the window of our community for our entire campus to hear.

Let others journey into the doorway of your mind.

Let this be an opportunity to consider, but remember, Cinderella, we don’t end at midnight. The submissions will have to be in before 5 p.m. on March 12.

Check out our guidelines and how to submit on the "About" page.

You ready? Because we are.

Signed, stamped, sealed and delivered from a living interdimensional experiment,

Joshua Mayer

For the Expressions editorial staff

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