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The Sacred Journey

In honor of Spring, let us consider ourselves a plant of sorts, a tiny green growing thing. Let’s consider what conditions we would grow best in. Let us also consider these conditions as ones that will allow us to bud, to blossom, to thrive. Take a deep breath and imagine. Take an even deeper breath and open your mind. Be honest with yourself during this exercise.

Where are you standing? Is it a place that is good for you? Are you surrounded by people who have the best intentions for you? Are they in a state of productivity and growth? Do they honor and respect you and your journey? Do they respect others? How do they speak about others? Do they often gossip or assume things about people, judge, ridicule, or mock?

What lens do you find yourself viewing the world from? Are you open-minded? Do you try to avoid judgmental ways of thinking? Do you try to find the beauty in things? Do you try to find the lessons in life? Do you honor that you are not perfect and have room to grow? Do you choose to engage in negative talk with others, or about yourself, without even realizing you do so?

How can you grow?

How can you improve?

How can you work towards becoming the best version of you?

We are all on our own special & sacred journey.

Our story will never be the same as anyone else's. Why do we constantly compare ourselves to others?

Be present in your thinking about yourself, what you are doing, and how far you have come. Orient yourself with your own specific goals and make your own plans to obtain them. Be aware of the individuals around you who support your highest self, as well as the ones who do not.

Be open to growth.

Be open to receiving.

Be open to learning.

Be open to love--

Not only for others,

But for yourself as well.

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