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We, the Editorial Staff, are here to foster the creative spirit of our institution.

For this 2023 edition, the staff would like to dedicate Expressions to the memory of Steve Hubbard.

During this semester, Editor-in-Chief Nancy White lost her husband unexpectedly. Steve was an avid outdoorsman most at home at Lake Piseco and his home with Nancy in Cambridge, New York. Everyone who has worked on Expressions knows how vital Nancy is to the creation process. The staff has missed her presence in the classroom greatly.

Welcome to Expressions, a student-run publication for work created by the community members of SUNY Adirondack: students, alumni, staff, and faculty. Expressions is sponsored by the Faculty Student Association of ACC [Adirondack Community College in Queensbury, New York].

We have enjoyed reading each and every piece we received. Thank you to all who have submitted and we encourage everyone, published or not, to submit to next year's edition as well. 

Books are available for the 2023 Spring edition! For the first time, the staff decided to create a printed edition while maintaining the convenience the website provides its viewers. We hope you enjoy them.  :)


To submit for next spring's magazine: send work as attachment to <>.


Include your contact information, and your role within the SUNY ADK community in your email, separate from your submission attachments. Each work is considered on its own merits without consideration of the artist/author's identity. For more information click here:

Check out our blog and consider sending us a post to publish!

Coping, Creating, and Conquering; 
Welcome to our Community Blog!

How are you? We want to know! We encourage you to share what you're thinking, feeling, and creating. What is filling your strange days? Please send us your blurbs about writing or and maybe we can share it here! Send your work as an attachment to:


During that fateful month of April in 2020, we published a series of blog posts entitled "Coping with Covid." Blog entries came in from all members of the SUNY Adirondack community: students, staff, alumni, faculty, and administrators. They ranged from tearful to hilarious, reflecting all the feels we were feeling and all the thoughts thunk. We realized that a place to share your point of view was something we could go right on offering.


If you decide to send us a blog post for consideration, here's some  further information.

  • We will email you in advance with news of whether your blog post will be published or not, and will run past you any editorial suggestions we may have.

  • Please include your full name and contact information in your submission email.

  • But you can ask us to "sign" your work with less information if you prefer. For instance, instead of sharing your full name, you could ask us to sign your piece "Jessica, class of '21" or "M.W., Liberal Arts major." We can also sign your entry as "Anonymous." Just let us know.


Or maybe you'd just like to read what others have to say. We get that too! Use the form below to subscribe for updates. Let's all stay in touch.

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