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Editors' Choice Awards

Each year the editors finish the season by debating among their favorites to find one piece that everyone agrees is a favorite from its genre. We received so many submissions this year that the editors have chosen three works per genre to receive recognition.

"Ice" by Katelyn McKeone
"My Sister's Body" by Avonlea Stiles
"Euphoric Filth" by Kirby Vaillant-White
"the greatest love i'd never had" by Caitlin Amelio
"The Library" by Hannah Czeladyn
"Inebriated Conception" by Luke Tompkins
"More Than Just Noise" by Charles Beck
"Toward the Tower" by Lisa Grant
"The Void" by Anthony Richichi
"Little Theater on the Farm" by Lauren Austin
"Barred Owl" by Olivia Burnham
"Winter Field by Austyn Morehouse
Sculptures in Rows
Coping, Creating, and Conquering! Our Community Blog

How are you?! We want to know, and we want to share not just how you are coping but what you're thinking, feeling, creating. What is filling your strange new days? Please send us writing or art about the current situation, whatever yours may be, and we'll see if we can share it here. Send your work as an attachment to expressions.sunyadk@gmail.com.


During that fateful month of April in 2020, we published a series of blog posts entitled "Coping with Covid." Blog entries came in from all members of the SUNY Adirondack community: students, staff, alumni, faculty, and administrators. They ranged from tearful to hilarious, reflecting all the feels we were feeling and all the thoughts thunk. We realized that a place to share your point of view was something we could go right on offering.


If you decide to send us a blog post for consideration, here's some  further information.

  • We will email you in advance with news of whether your blog post will be published or not, and will run past you any editorial suggestions we may have.

  • Please include your full name and contact information in your submission email.

  • But you can ask us to "sign" your work with less information if you prefer. For instance, instead of sharing your full name, you could ask us to sign your piece "Jessica, class of '21" or "M.W., Liberal Arts major." We can also sign your entry as "Anonymous." Just let us know.


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Contents 2021


Caitlyn Amelio: the greatest love i'd never had


Mark Bauer: The Landing, The Magical Typewriter

Spencer Constant: Orange Soil

George Cornelius: The Hard Lesson Learned

Hannah Czeladyn: The Library

Lisa Grant: Here's the Thing About Spigots and Springs

Caterina Hansen: 270 Degrees

Elizabeth Larli: Maya Rises and So Do I


Zoe Malone: A Cat's Duty

Josh Mayer: Midnight Movies, Diver, In a Diner, Always Vacant, Waiting for the Last Train

Katelyn McKeone: Laughing

Austyn MorehouseThe Lion's Mane, A Series of Short Voicemails

Brett Mulcahy: The Drowned City

Kelsey Myler: The One Next Door, Paradise Blossoms

Andrew Edward Lyons Nolan: Limits, One Hundred Words on Solitude

Alexis Sesselman: A Letter to My Past Self

Luke Thompkins: Finding Odilon, Inebriated Conception

Anne Wojtowecz: Growth Mindset Through Life Lessons